Friday, 22 July 2011

Wardrobe Dysfunction

Today I decided to ragequit pants forever.

This is actually a lie, since I made the decision May 21st – mark it on your calendars! – to stop wearing pants. Man, I hate pants. They probably feel the same towards me, since they keep getting ripped up. So I decided I would act on it and I would boycott them.

I have now been going pantsless for two months, so it is more accurate to say that starting today I am sharing my pantslessness with the world. That sounds wrong.

But why, you ask? Why deny the wonderful industry of pants your tutelage? Why are you bothering us with this? Oh god you’re not joining a nudity camp are you? No, I’m not. And I’m doing it because of this, my friends, because of this:

The first is one of my pairs of jeans, since last September. To replace them, I bought the second, which quickly became my favourites. The second picture shows it's current status, since December. And the lasts were my new favourites, in April. All tragically ripped in the crotch, which is totally awkward. Sure, I could repair them, but they’ll only keep doing it (which is a totally natural part of the life cycles of pants, it’s not them, it’s me), and besides I’m way too lazy for that. Of course, if I bought better quality jeans, they’d probably last longer than a few months, but I’m cheap. And then I’d cry when I’d get home and realize they don’t fit me as well as they did when I bought them.

The plan is to wear skirts and dresses everyday. Most likely not at the same time. While obviously the primary goal is avoiding pants like the plague, there are two secondary goals. The most important, that is totally a better reason for writing this than my rage against pants, is fashion. I tend to get lazy towards my wardrobes when I wear pants, and I wish to get back into the habit of dressing fancy, so I’m putting myself on a skirt-and-dress diet. I intend to plan my outfits and talk about them here, but I will also design and sew my own, and I will obviously talk about that. The other goal is to wear my high heels more often, as I have a lot of awesome ones that I rarely wear, and since I’m limiting my clothing choices, I should open myself to more footwear options. If that make senses.
Those are some of my shoes... yeah only some.

I must admit that this decision is not only brought by my mourning of my favourite pants, but also by a convenient need to clean out my wardrobe, so you should expect for the next few weeks pictures of my wardrobe stuff, either hilariously fugly or I’d keep it but it doesn’t fit me anymore. Also, it is conveniently summer, and I decided to indulge my urge to wear skirts in the heat. I fully intend to keep wearing them as the weather gets colder, until a year has passed and I have shared my trials and tribulations with you.

Maybe more than a year.

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  1. Don't begin to blog when I've proclaimed hiatus on mine.
    Now I feel competitive and I can't let my blog waste away if you start blogging.

    BTW, don't think I've ever saw most of those shoes IRL.

    (actually, I'm very happy that you finally start blogging)