Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I will sadly not be walking in these boots any time soon

My winter boots sadly deceased last year, and with the beginning of fall I have been keeping an eye out for a new pair.

Turns out that was a terrible idea, because I’m a shoe addict and now I want all of them!

However I cannot have all the shoes, due to monetary and space difficulties. To further drown myself in sadness I have decided to present them to you, with terribly adorable clothing that I wished I own. Because when you’re miserable, let’s be miserable all the way! Or something. Is there logic in there at some point?

Apparently not! Let’s go enjoy the eye candy shall we, at least to get away from the crazies in that paragraph.

Fall 2011 Match-up!

There’s a lot of knitted skirts this season, and it’s easy to understand why. They’re easy to make, can fit almost anyone because the fabric is elastic, and they have fun printed fabrics: Rutme’s Up in the Air skirt is a perfect example of that. But who says skirts can have all the nice things? Hunters of Scotland offer a purple rainboot so your feet can have as much fun and stay dry.

Let me start by saying that I fell in love with Chie Mihara’s collection, so you’ll see it reflected in this post. First in line is Casandra, with my favourite Mary Magdalene dress of the summer. The browns almost match perfectly, and these boots will help you keep looking elegant in colder weather.

Lucky Penny’s Argyle Boots are simply adorable, with their bright red laces against the blue suede. This detail is reflected in the Biloxi skirt from Red Dress Shoppe, with a small red suede heart against the navy blue and off white striped fabric.

Here’s another Chie Mihara: Quechu, with another knitted skirt, this time from Anthropologie. The Sashed Sweater Skirt looks warm and toasty, and your boots will pop right up paired with it.

Luxury Rebel’s Gunpowder boots give off Western vibes, and I feel you should pair them off with something unexpected. This bright blue Anna Sui dress will be dressed down for casual wear with them, and this shoes will still give out the punch that outfit deserves.

If you like a bit rough around the edge look, Steve Madden’s Torrii and the Hands in my Pocket dress from D.E.P.T. might do it for you. I’d match them with black leggings, to help bring their detailing out.

I love ankle boots, and I love circular dresses. The Sadie Ankle boots from 67 Collection might be the embodiment of the perfect representation of their kind. Anthropologie’s Rodna Halter dress is fun and classy. It’s probably better for us all that I won’t be getting my hands on them, because I just know I’d be dancing instead of walking if I’d wear that, and I’m a terrible dancer.

My favourite pair is Marietta from Fluevog, and it’s well over my price range. This shade of blue might be my favourite color this season, and I love the patterned leather with it. I matched them with a felted wool skirt from Atelier B, a brand in Montreal. Both its creators went to the same school I did, and I absolutely love their work. They came and gave a small conference in my last year, talking about being designers in Montreal, working from their apartment, and going to school. They were so inspiring! They were nice and friendly and fun, so full of passion and love for what they do. They recently expanded their operation, so check out their website and blog for more info!

Well, that’s it for today. Now, I know you’re all very sad this is the end, and maybe you’ll comfort yourself by going out and buying expensive shoes. If it makes you feel better, when I find adorable boots, I’m tempted to look at shoes from the same designer, so you can expect a similar post with heels and tears soon (so hold off on your shoes shopping trip for a while).