Friday, 11 November 2011

Coats are like crack for me

It’s starting to be the weather for coats around here, something I don’t mind at all because I love coats. I own three winter coats, one spring coat, one rain coat, and another coat that I cannot quite categorize. Yet I would like even more coats.

 I saw this adorable Pink Martini in store the other day. I don’t dare remember the price tag because I love that coat so much I’m scared if I do I will go back and buy it and my wardrobe disagrees.

It got a bit much when I was window shopping the other to match skirts and dresses to boots and ended up looking only at coats. I had to physically restrain myself, but I still have enough for a small coat special.

Coat Special Extravaganza

Pink Martini is a brand that I don’t quite follow, even though I should because I always deeply love what they do. I guess I’m taking them for granted: when the brands I usually follow fail me I can count on them to make me happy. They’re paired with Aldo’s Hafen, mostly because looking at Pink Martini makes me see stars.

That coat is really well made. I’m jealous of that patternmaker’s talent. I kind of want to pet those boots. Sometimes my matches don’t make sense other than giving me a fluffly feeling in my heart.

I love the cut and fit and color here. I would absolutely love a coat like that! It’s feminine and simple, and yet so much fun, and it deserves something whimsy and adorable with it.

I’m kind of obsessed with that kind of pocket. You can probably find something that has pockets like that in all of my projects in fashion design, so just seeing them in a picture is a treat for me. The overall design of the coat is simple marvellous. I actually contemplated getting those boots, but they remind me so much of my old pair I don’t think I will.

YSL rainboot with Alison Sheri’s funky coat is so awesome. When you have the guts to wear one of them, you shouldn’t have to tone down at all. Don’t be afraid to turn heads! I love that someone in the world decided there should be a pair of flashy welly rainboots with wedge heels.


To the pleasure of anyone tired of reading about shoes (if you’re tired of reading about shoes, I’m kind of confused. Why are you still reading this? There are lots of shoes posts to come!), I finally found a pair of boots!

If anyone’s worried it’s the end of the shoes posts, don’t worry, I have a heels special coming soon. Before that, hopefully I’ll have finished the Warbler Swag Round Up. And for anyone who’s afraid of wearing skirts in winter, I’m working on an epic tights and hoses post.

Also, my life is awesomer than yours because I got to meet Joey Richter and other members of Team Starkid. Head over to Projet Tiramisu to hear all about it!